Talking and not walking

By Cecilia - 4:52:00 pm

After recovering from an interschool dance between my school and my brother school last Wednesday night (resembling more of an underground night club than a supposedly timid U18s school event), my school held what they call the annual "Walkathon" on Friday. Why is it in inverted commas you may ask? Well, that's because the oldest grade in the school, Year 12, my year, did not do any walking at all as we were in charge of providing food and entertainment for the younger cohorts. I look forward to this day every year. In the past, I was the one buying and spending money at the Walkathon- it's usually a special six hours where I can lounge around with friends, buy weird and wonderful delicacies as well as browse many of the wares and services that were on offer. And when I got bored, I would saunter over onto the nearby beach to get some sand between my toes and sea water on my skin. 

This year was different. Me and four other friends were behind a temporary stencil tattoo stand. At the beginning of the day, I was half hoping that business would be so bad that the stall would close so I could spend my day on the beach. However, this hope was futile. So many people came to get a temporary tatt that my group was there for the whole day. I feel like whining about my lost opportunity to browse the other stalls and get some sand on myself, yet at the same time I'm pretty content that the tattoo stand was such a big hit. Trying to work with my best friend and some other good friends was quite a laugh as well; we essentially talked and talked and talked for the whole day while sticking on stencils, dabbing ink and ripping off stencils. 

I brought Himmel to the Walkathon as well, and below are a few snaps that I took, most of which consist of food, food, food and more food. 

The best friend sitting there being lazy

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7 murmurs

  1. love these pictures :) i love that first one a lot :D

  2. Haha, so I've been reading your blog ever since you've found mine, but for some reason, I was too lazy to click the follow button. I just did. Yay, for me!

    Your blog is lovely (other than the cursing. Haha, I'm kidding, curse away ;). Your humor is very enjoyable to read, and your pictures are extremely good! I mean seriously. Haha, I always think the best way to hang out with people, is to work together. Even though my laziness wants to rebel and say lazying around is more fun! ;)

    Anyway, beware of more stalker comments from me. I'm sure they will pop up (when I get off my lazy bum ;). And I really wanna eat that food.


    P.S. I love the first picture and the one of the girl's back. It's so cool! And I just noticed how many times I said lazy in the comment, says something about me, eh? haha

    1. Haha, stalk all you want, my blog is an open book for you to read whenever you want :) And I'm trying not to curse and cuss as much as before (sorry if I offended you or anyone else with my swearing :)

      And thank you so much, you're so lovely! The picture of the girl's back is actually me. My best friend did the tattoo for me :) And don't worry, you're not lazy, I'm actually just as bad or even worse hehe

  3. Wow! Awesome photos!

    Much love from the SABO SKIRT girls!

  4. photos are all wonderful : )
    blog :

  5. Shame about not being able to spend the day relaxing on the beach, but at least you got to make a whole load of other people a) happy and b) so much cooler due to the addition of those amazing tattoos! And all of that food looks so nice, tummy rumbling even though I've just had lunch!

    Pip x