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By Cecilia - 9:59:00 pm

If you live in Sydney then of course you would know what the Royal Easter Show is. I mean, come on, it's the biggest waste of money, resources and space that's ever been invented. But guess where I went today! That's right, a very hypocritical yours truly quickly finished her uni assignment this morning to head off to Olympic Park to waste her time and money at the Easter Show.

I wasn't lying when I said this place is expensive with a capital E. I blew 2 weeks of pay in 6 hours here. But I did have a lot of fun, so no regrets have been felt just yet. I arrived at Olympic Park at around 2pm, and since today was really the "last" day that parents, school students and uni students could really go and enjoy the show since it's Easter Monday, the place was absolutely packed. I hadn't been here since 2008, so pushing through the crowds, going past stall after stall of toys, games, food, drinks, and other weird wonders was a breath of fresh air. 

I didn't even bother bringing food with me because the Woolworth's Fresh Food Dome has hundreds of different food stalls, most of which give out free food samples. My (free) lunch was pretty interesting; I believed the samples I had was a frozen cocktail, pasta, rocky road, sparkling red wine, chrysanthemum tea, biscuits, chick pea curry, laksa and rice. Yummo. The Dome is also famous for their gigantic model displays made entirely of Aussie grown fruit and veg. One of the below photos is of a giant snow-flake model thing made of grain. 

The Easter Show is also famous for their animal displays of chickens, ducks, pigs, alpacas, cows, horses, goats and pigs. I sadly didn't whip out my camera too often in the animal areas of the showground because I was either too busy holding my nose when walking past a fresh pile of horse shit or fondling the lambs and baby goats. 

The above photo I took when I was leaving the show ground shortly before sunset. I had a pretty good day; for most of the long weekend, I spent most of my time working on 2 assignments, so it was great to go somewhere and do something, even if it left a giant hole in my wallet. So this is the end of easter, and I hope you all had a gone one!

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12 murmurs

  1. Awwwwww!! Those baby chicks are
    too adooorable :C I've seen this
    event before on someone else
    blog, and this event looks really


  2. amazing photos! it look like you had fun ;)

  3. wow that looks like so much fun! (despite it being a 'waste of money' as you said!)
    i LOVE the last photo!!!

  4. OH SO IT WAS A SNOWFLAKE. I thought it was a random sculpture, opps. I went this year too and I had heaps of fun and I do agree what a big waste of money it was.

  5. I wish I got a chance to go this year - looks like LOTS of (expensive) fun!!

  6. "it's the biggest waste of money, resources and space that's ever been invented" SO true, hahaha! Glad you had fun, I like the pictures you got.

  7. seems so fun! I wanna go there~~


  8. i love the last photo! it's really nice:)

  9. That day, or all those pictures, looks so surreal. That the whole thing was actually one event! It must have been a lot of fun indeed!!

  10. Ooh it looks like fun and the food looks delicious! I love those potato twists. (: I wish we had something like this in Melbourne. ):

  11. Looks really fun! You make me wanna go there!!!!!

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