Sculpture by the sea

By Cecilia - 10:28:00 pm

After hearing about the famous annual Sculpture By The Sea year after year but never bothering to go, yesterday I finally visited this tourist trap for the first time. The exhibition stretches between Bondi Beach and Tamarama Beach on the coastal walk, and is a beautiful combination of sunburn, fresh sea breezes, crowded walkways, cool/weird/I-don't-even-know sculptures and great views of the sea.

Since it was the weekend and the weather was hot and sultry, the walk was crowded to the point where it was almost impossible to have any kind of personal space, let alone take decent photos without interruptions. I actually think I got elbowed in the ribs a few times because it was THAT crowded. 

None the less, this added to the nice busy atmosphere of the day. Being an immature soul, I was judged pretty hard for making some weird poses next to the artsy sculptures, so for the sake of being professional and stuff, below are some of the half decent photos that were taken. 

In case you couldn't figure it out, these are "feet". They were "blown off their feet" hawhawhaw

Hundreds of flags in a circle, so pretty right? That's what I thought until I saw ads on the flags.

And I couldn't not include some of the stupid photos. Sculpture By The Sea is along the cliffs that border the sea, so of course a few hangs around the cliff edge was called for. So were attempts to crawl into a particular sculpture and a very #swag pose in front of...I don't know what to call it. A harped sail?

The day was concluded with a nice swim at Bronte Beach, a fish & chips dinner and dessert at Bondi's Ben & Jerry's. I have a very healthy tan now and it's not even Summer yet.

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5 murmurs

  1. Wow the sculptures look great, and the photos look so peaceful, despite the actual circumstances. Great job!

  2. It seems like it was really packed when you went so I can imagine how annoying it would have been for you. Nevertheless I'm sure you had a fab time especially with a swim at Bronte followed by lunch and dinner! x

  3. Oh, I love the photos you took! I kind of want to go and see the sculptures for myself, but the idea of facing the crowds makes me shudder...

  4. These are stunning photos! It looks like being elbowed by the crowd was still worth it! Great job! :-)