Monday, August 18, 2014

Blue Mountains

I've done and gone and seen so many new things in the past few months, but I am terrible at sharing all these little memories and moments on here because I'm lazier than a koala. To you the truth, I kind have forgotten I had a blog, and it was only recently that my dear friend Cynthia reminded me to post something. 

A little over a month ago, my boyfriend and I took a little road trip into the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, far from the city. On the day we went, fate had it that it was extremely cold and windy (I remember it being 7 degrees, and I was shivering under my 4 layers of clothing) despite the sky looking wonderful. 

The first stop was the Wentworth Falls area and the surrounding lookouts. The last time I was in the Blue Mountains was when I was no more than 10 and I had only visited the over-hyped tourists attractions, so this was completely new. We walked along trails that went over the falls, along the cliffs, and then to the foot of the falls. It was beeaauutttiiifffuuuullll. 

At the top of Wentworth Falls

At the bottom of Wentworth Falls

We walked from the top of Wentworth down to the bottom, then up again. Let me tell you: walking up is not fun. 

We hopped back into the car when we reached the top, drove to some more lookouts, but our ultimate destination was the Grand Canyon Walk in Blackheath. 
The Grand Canyon Walk was also BEAUTIFUL, but a different kind to the type I had already seen. Before was the grandness of the mountains and the fresh air and feeling so small when standing next to a cliff face, but here, the beauty was in the form of cramped, jungle like greenery that was completely different to the tall Eucalypt trees that populated most of the mountains. It was like walking into two separate worlds. 

We didn't finish the Grand Canyon Walk because it was late afternoon when we arrived and had plans to catch a great view as dusk, so we walked for about 1km along the track (which winds down the mountain)...and to my distaste, back up the same track and same bloody mountain.

But enough of my complaints. My boyfriend and I headed to Lincoln's Rock to catch the sunset. Unfortunately, the sun was hiding behind the clouds as it was setting, so we couldn't bake in its dusky glory. We made do with hanging off the cliff edge instead.  

P.s: The blue hues of the mountains aren't the results of a shoddy camera or bad editing. This is why the "Blue Mountains" are named that way; the trees which predominantly populate the area produce droplets that refract light in a way that produces this phenomenon.

Sunday, November 03, 2013

Sculpture by the sea

After hearing about the famous annual Sculpture By The Sea year after year but never bothering to go, yesterday I finally visited this tourist trap for the first time. The exhibition stretches between Bondi Beach and Tamarama Beach on the coastal walk, and is a beautiful combination of sunburn, fresh sea breezes, crowded walkways, cool/weird/I-don't-even-know sculptures and great views of the sea.

Since it was the weekend and the weather was hot and sultry, the walk was crowded to the point where it was almost impossible to have any kind of personal space, let alone take decent photos without interruptions. I actually think I got elbowed in the ribs a few times because it was THAT crowded. 

None the less, this added to the nice busy atmosphere of the day. Being an immature soul, I was judged pretty hard for making some weird poses next to the artsy sculptures, so for the sake of being professional and stuff, below are some of the half decent photos that were taken. 

In case you couldn't figure it out, these are "feet". They were "blown off their feet" hawhawhaw

Hundreds of flags in a circle, so pretty right? That's what I thought until I saw ads on the flags.

And I couldn't not include some of the stupid photos. Sculpture By The Sea is along the cliffs that border the sea, so of course a few hangs around the cliff edge was called for. So were attempts to crawl into a particular sculpture and a very #swag pose in front of...I don't know what to call it. A harped sail?

The day was concluded with a nice swim at Bronte Beach, a fish & chips dinner and dessert at Bondi's Ben & Jerry's. I have a very healthy tan now and it's not even Summer yet.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Winter wonderland

June and July so far has slipped through my fingers and has been a blur of life moving at the pace of a race car. The quote that supposedly applies here is "time flies when you're having fun", which is sadly very true because I could cross my heart and swear that May was only two days ago. None the less, life recently has been the joy of finishing university exams and commencing the parties, the fancy expensive birthday dinners, the catch ups with friends and the long drives to nowhere for the sake of driving.

I should also mention, since it's what the photos are about, that two days ago I came home after a 4 day trip to the Snowy Mountains with 4 of my friends. It's safe to say that these 4 days have been one of the funnest and craziest times I've had so far in my 18 years. Highlights included:
  • playing card games on the bus
  • learning how to ski without attending a single lesson
  • the exhilaration of skiing down steep slopes
  • having great weather throughout the four days I was there
  • playing drinking games and having deep conversations 
  • taking the back exit out of the hotel and cutting through private property to go for a dip in the almost frozen Lake Jindabyne
  • bonding over drinks, dancing, jumping up and down to music and having a lot of fun in the bar on the last night
  • being able to see so many stars at night
  • the crisp mountain air
  • the beautiful surrounds
  • snow ball fights
  • laughing at two of my friends who went skiing in shorts and a suit
  • hiking down the mountain on the last day because my knee hurt too much to ski
  • having a great time with some of my favourite people in the world

The view from the resort we stayed at over Lake Jindabyne

If you look closely enough, you can see my oh-so-courteous friends giving me the finger

we couldn't make our own snowman so we saw this one and decided to tell everyone that he's ours
The only thing I was disappointed about this little holiday was that I didn't get to see falling snow. These photos are from my phone since I decided that going skiing with Himmel isn't the best idea. I miss the  holiday buzz already and my muscles are still recovering from the effort I put them through, but I can't say that it isn't good to be back in my own bed out of the cold.

And to anyone out there who still reads this little site, thanks for sticking around despite my spontaneous presence here. You'll hear from me soon. Have a great weekend.

Monday, April 01, 2013

The show

If you live in Sydney then of course you would know what the Royal Easter Show is. I mean, come on, it's the biggest waste of money, resources and space that's ever been invented. But guess where I went today! That's right, a very hypocritical yours truly quickly finished her uni assignment this morning to head off to Olympic Park to waste her time and money at the Easter Show.

I wasn't lying when I said this place is expensive with a capital E. I blew 2 weeks of pay in 6 hours here. But I did have a lot of fun, so no regrets have been felt just yet. I arrived at Olympic Park at around 2pm, and since today was really the "last" day that parents, school students and uni students could really go and enjoy the show since it's Easter Monday, the place was absolutely packed. I hadn't been here since 2008, so pushing through the crowds, going past stall after stall of toys, games, food, drinks, and other weird wonders was a breath of fresh air. 

I didn't even bother bringing food with me because the Woolworth's Fresh Food Dome has hundreds of different food stalls, most of which give out free food samples. My (free) lunch was pretty interesting; I believed the samples I had was a frozen cocktail, pasta, rocky road, sparkling red wine, chrysanthemum tea, biscuits, chick pea curry, laksa and rice. Yummo. The Dome is also famous for their gigantic model displays made entirely of Aussie grown fruit and veg. One of the below photos is of a giant snow-flake model thing made of grain. 

The Easter Show is also famous for their animal displays of chickens, ducks, pigs, alpacas, cows, horses, goats and pigs. I sadly didn't whip out my camera too often in the animal areas of the showground because I was either too busy holding my nose when walking past a fresh pile of horse shit or fondling the lambs and baby goats. 

The above photo I took when I was leaving the show ground shortly before sunset. I had a pretty good day; for most of the long weekend, I spent most of my time working on 2 assignments, so it was great to go somewhere and do something, even if it left a giant hole in my wallet. So this is the end of easter, and I hope you all had a gone one!