Blue Mountains

By Cecilia - 10:32:00 pm

I've done and gone and seen so many new things in the past few months, but I am terrible at sharing all these little memories and moments on here because I'm lazier than a koala. To you the truth, I kind have forgotten I had a blog, and it was only recently that my dear friend Cynthia reminded me to post something. 

A little over a month ago, my boyfriend and I took a little road trip into the Blue Mountains west of Sydney, far from the city. On the day we went, fate had it that it was extremely cold and windy (I remember it being 7 degrees, and I was shivering under my 4 layers of clothing) despite the sky looking wonderful. 

The first stop was the Wentworth Falls area and the surrounding lookouts. The last time I was in the Blue Mountains was when I was no more than 10 and I had only visited the over-hyped tourists attractions, so this was completely new. We walked along trails that went over the falls, along the cliffs, and then to the foot of the falls. It was beeaauutttiiifffuuuullll. 

At the top of Wentworth Falls

At the bottom of Wentworth Falls

We walked from the top of Wentworth down to the bottom, then up again. Let me tell you: walking up is not fun. 

We hopped back into the car when we reached the top, drove to some more lookouts, but our ultimate destination was the Grand Canyon Walk in Blackheath. 
The Grand Canyon Walk was also BEAUTIFUL, but a different kind to the type I had already seen. Before was the grandness of the mountains and the fresh air and feeling so small when standing next to a cliff face, but here, the beauty was in the form of cramped, jungle like greenery that was completely different to the tall Eucalypt trees that populated most of the mountains. It was like walking into two separate worlds. 

We didn't finish the Grand Canyon Walk because it was late afternoon when we arrived and had plans to catch a great view as dusk, so we walked for about 1km along the track (which winds down the mountain)...and to my distaste, back up the same track and same bloody mountain.

But enough of my complaints. My boyfriend and I headed to Lincoln's Rock to catch the sunset. Unfortunately, the sun was hiding behind the clouds as it was setting, so we couldn't bake in its dusky glory. We made do with hanging off the cliff edge instead.  

P.s: The blue hues of the mountains aren't the results of a shoddy camera or bad editing. This is why the "Blue Mountains" are named that way; the trees which predominantly populate the area produce droplets that refract light in a way that produces this phenomenon.

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3 murmurs

  1. Hello friend! Thanks so much for dropping by with your lovely comment!! It really brightened my day =). These photographs are amazing by the way! Ugh. Makes me crave mountains so much! (I got my share of the ocean, but what I miss are tall peaks and that dizzying sensation of being on the edge of the world).

    I too am getting my medical degree in the US and yeah there isn't much time to travel. I only got to go to Mexico because I was doing a clinical rotation there (working at the hospitals and local clinics). But work mixed with play - that is the best kind of vacation right? And I got to stay there for a month!!

    As for the safety of's a really good topic to bring up. I would say...yeah Mexico is kind of dangerous. I wouldn't be comfortable walking around ALONE at midnight (I still did it try to be prudent). But I think, like anywhere in the have to be smart while traveling and use your common sense. Mexico was one of the most beautiful places in the world, and I made so many friends along the way (people are so ridiculously kind there!!), so if you ever get a chance to visit - definitely go! I think going to Mexico also opened up my mind to the rest of Latin America (next on my list: Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, though I don't know when I will get the chance to go??). Never enough time to do what you want, but hey, one day I'll travel around the world! (P.S. I met a bunch of surfers from Australia! Puerto Escondido, the place I stayed, is super famous for their amazing waves.)

    Sorry for this super long comment. Sending you back love from Chicago! <3

  2. Holy moly! That last shot is terrifying! You aren't scared of heights??

    I love the Blue Mountains, not so much the 3 sisters (although pretty) but definitely all the trails and hikes. I went to the Blue Mountains for a Duke of Edinburgh hike many many moons again now, and it is so enormous, and so much more than just Katoomba.

    Gorgeous photos, never would have guessed that it was so cold!

  3. Ooooooooft, you went to some pretty cool places. I need to do the Wentworth Falls walking track next time I visit, it looks amazing. The Grand Canyon walk looks so beautifulllll, I feel like I'd be one of those people who would sidetrack off and end up lost though haha!